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Shipping and return policy

  1. Shipping
    1. The company will cut off orders every 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., in order to prepare and deliver products to customers within 1-2 days (excluding Sundays and public holidays).
    2. When the company has prepared the products The company will inform you the Tracking Number of the transportation service company. Let customers know so they can track the status of their parcels.

  2. In case of insufficient product: Gold City Foottech Company We are committed to maintaining customer satisfaction by using modern technology. in controlling product quality and manage the amount of inventory to be sufficient to meet customer needs at all times And at the same time, there must not be too much inventory. Until affecting the freshness of the product However, some products may have unusually high demand at certain times. Until it affects the product to be insufficient to meet the needs of customers who have ordered products and paid. If such an event occurs The company will contact the customer immediately. To ask if customers still want to wait for the product. or want to cancel the order

  3. Shipping costs: The company endeavors to deliver products to customers as quickly as possible. By recruiting transport companies with good performance and has appropriate shipping rates In order to give customers the highest benefit, and the company may organize marketing promotion activities in some important festivals. The company may consider helping with some of the shipping costs for customers. or help with all shipping costs

  4. Receiving product returns
    1. Returning products due to a customer changing their mind: If the customer has received the product Intend to return the product within 7 days after receiving the product. The company is pleased to provide full service. However, customers must return unused products with price tags and complete packaging. The customer must contact the company's customer service center to report their request. The company will accept the matter and issue a return number. The customer is responsible for the entire return shipping cost and must clearly indicate the return number on the package. and after the company receives the product back The company will check the quality. to consider refunding money or issue a voucher or change the product to the next customer
    2. Receiving product returns due to product quality If the customer receives the product and finds that the product is defective Not of quality under normal use conditions Within a period of 14 days after receiving the product. Customers can contact the customer service center and attach relevant information to request a product return. The company will accept the matter and issue a refund number. The customer is responsible for the return shipping costs for the entire amount. and specify the return number clearly on the parcel. and after the company receives the product back The company will inspect product quality. And deliver new products in the same model - same color - same size to the customer, with the company paying the full shipping cost. or issue a voucher or refund money to customers
    3. Amount to be returned to the customer The Company reserves the right to determine the appropriate number of nights in each case. Such as purchasing in marketing promotional activities, buy 2 get 1 free, etc.

  5. Product return process
    1. Before unpacking the product box Please take a video clip of the product box cover to show the customer's name and address while unpacking the product. and take photos of products packed in boxes Without editing and shooting continuously in one clip.
    2. If you find that the product box is damaged, dented, or torn, please take a photo of it as evidence. Before unpacking the product box
    3. If problems are found, such as incomplete products, wrong delivery, have the customer send a clip of evidence and inform the store admin of the order number. The store admin will contact to coordinate and resolve the problem within 1 business day.
    4. Products ordered in the wrong size cannot be worn. Only some models can be exchanged. Because some colors and sizes may be out of stock. You can chat and ask the admin. (There is a shipping fee for product exchanges.)
    5. Customers can edit or request to change the list of products ordered Cancel your order at any time. If the product has not yet been shipped from the company's distribution center

  6. Products that cannot be exchanged/returned
    1. Product return notification without clips according to specified conditions
    2. Products that have been used or use in abnormal conditions
    3. Special price products or clearance products or any product that states the condition "no returns"

  7. Environmental care: The company places great importance on waste management. Reducing plastic use Reducing the use of unnecessary packaging To reduce the impact on the environment and reduce threats from global climate change (global warming and PM 2.5 dust)

  8. Regardless of any problems: The company is happy to serve you with a smile. Willing to take responsibility for everything with speed "One point, complete...all stories complete "