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about us

Gold City (GOLDCITY) This name has existed in Thailand for more than 72 years (until 2022). We started in 1947 from the hopes of "Akong Suphat and Grandma Ruean. Ngam Jinaphan” who saw children having to walk barefoot to school. Therefore, I have a desire to see children in Thailand have durable sneakers. and inexpensive Everyone wore it.

Both of you believe that “Thai people can produce good shoes. that are comfortable to wear, durable and available at an affordable price." This leads to the commitment of all of us at GOLDCITY to

  • Working together to produce comfortable shoes Focusing on softness, lightness and breathability.
  • Set an affordable selling price Worth every baht spent.
  • Receive after-sales service that is honest and sincere, like talking with a friend.

“Akong Supat and Grandma Ruenngam Jinaphan” started the shoe business in 1947 by renting a house and having a shoe sewing machine on Surawong Road. Later, he joined with friends. Rent a shoe factory near Trok Rong J, Talat Phlu. At that time, it was called “Thai Silp Factory” in the beginning was just a small handmade shoe factory. with only 8 employees

Around the year 1956, the house and factory were moved to Wutthakat Road instead. By doing it as a family business, using the name "Sawasdee Factory" (in Teochew, it's pronounced Sui Huak Li), which business has progressed well in succession.

But in 1965, there was a fire in the factory. As a result, Uncle Gong and Grandma had to decide to borrow money to buy land for a new factory on Ekachai Road, Soi 8, under the name "Limited Partnership" Muang Thong Rubber Factory” and started expanding the business gradually by increasing production capacity to meet customer needs. In addition, they have started to develop new types of shoes. such as flip flops Compression sole system shoes waterproof rubber boots As well as contract manufacturing of shoes (OEM) for shoe brands both domestically and exported abroad. Later, the company name was changed from "limited partnership Muang Thong Rubber Factory” became “Muang Thong FootTech Company Limited”

After 18 years, in 1983, the business was expanded in terms of production facilities by establishing “Muang Thong Mahachai Company Limited” in Samut Sakhon Province. To produce shoes to support the needs of domestic and export customers. During that time, production techniques have developed greatly. We have learned and transferred various shoe production techniques. From Italian and Taiwanese customers Including starting to put in place various processes. Until it received ISO-9000 quality system certification, sneakers were exported. Snow boots to Japan, the United States, and many other European countries. As for the student shoes We've developed a 3-layer rubber sole to improve durability.

In 1995 we registered “Gold City Footwear Company Limited” to manage sales channels in the country more systematically And started using the modern WMS (Warehouse Management System) to help manage the warehouse system, while "Muang Thong Mahachai Company Limited" began exporting rubber parts for shoe production. to various factories in Vietnam as well

Until the year 2018, there was a merger of "Muang Thong Futtech Co., Ltd.," "Muang Thong Mahachai Co., Ltd.," and "Gold City Footwear Co., Ltd.," all 3 companies into "Gold City Futtech Co., Ltd." to seal the highlights and complete production cycle Develop and increase distribution channels through E-commerce and various market places, as well as manage the supply chain in a more systematic manner. Automated machinery has been added and production processes adjusted. To continuously develop the production line Still reinforcing the same point, which is that our shoes must be comfortable to wear because we have a soft inner sole and fabric surface. It is light from the use of good materials. and ventilation

At the same time, the company continues to support helping the underprivileged. For children in remote areas We have provided uniforms and various educational equipment. Including shoes and sports equipment regularly as well.

And from the campaign "Every step...is possible", the company is committed to creating inspiration. Let everyone be able to move forward. No matter how difficult life is, GOLDCITY would like to support those steps for everyone as well.