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The company places great importance on customer privacy. and give importance to relevant consumer protection laws, such as the Personal Data Protection Act

The Company may store customer access information. To develop services better

The company uses a highly secure data storage system that meets world-class standards. To prevent invasion from people with bad intentions. To ensure that customer information will not be leaked. and must not be used for wrongful purposes.

Communication Remarketing

  • The Company uses tracking marketing technology in the form of cookies. developed by third parties (such as Google Adwords tracking cookies)

  • How to remarket through the use of cookie IDs or tracking pixels It helps companies display useful and relevant advertisements to customers. After the customer visits our website

  • The company does not store any information. that indicates the identity of the customer when using Google, Facebook or any other system

  • Third parties that the company chooses to use, such as Google and Facebook, will store cookie files on the web browser. To display advertisements based on customers' visits to the company's website over time. Using this cookie allows the Company to display special offers and improve the marketing of its services. In line with the interest in the company's products.