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Gold City FootTech Company Give importance to environmental care and global warming issues. Through various projects such as

  1. Planting a large number of perennial trees in the factory area of ​​200 rai.
  2. Switch to clean energy Such as electrical energy from solar cells.
  3. Reduce wastewater emissions and increasing the use of recycled water in the production process
  4. Reduce paper use By changing to using electronic documents or reduce the number of documents that need to be printed
  5. Reduce the travel of freight vehicles. By trying to manage transportation routes to a minimum. and not running the car empty on the return trip
  6. Collaborate with suppliers who distribute raw materials. To deliver products efficiently such as reducing the number of transport trips Or the company asks for volunteers to pick up raw materials at the raw material producing factory instead.
  7. Reduce the waiting time for the supplier's raw material delivery vehicles to load products and invite the supplier's delivery vehicles to turn off their engines while waiting.
  8. Reduce waste which must be disposed of. or use energy to eliminate Through development from the beginning By specifying the type of raw materials to be used in production. Leave as little scrap as possible. or the easiest to eliminate
  9. Try to combine the various parts that need to be produced. Use ingredients that can be used together. To leave as little waste as possible
  10. Reduce the release of heat energy into the air. By trying to collect the remaining heat energy to use again.
  11. Allow employees to work from home or work from home as much as appropriate.