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Terms of service

  1. Gold City Foottech Company Limited is a manufacturer and distributor. Exporters and importers of sneakers, sports shoes, boots, sandals and many other types of shoes have created this e-commerce system to provide customers with the convenience of ordering products 24 hours a day, both through desktop computers. or via mobile phone, by trying to collect all the products that the company is currently producing and has produced in order to make customers happy Convenient in deciding to purchase retail products or decide to order mass production Under its own brand or under a brand that is licensed to its customers.

  2. All product details are on this website. The company makes every effort to verify information to be accurate. It is always complete and up to date, however there may be some errors due to force majeure. Therefore, if customers have doubts about any information Please contact the company again to inquire. If any mistakes occur It has a positive impact on customers. The company has a policy to take responsibility for such mistakes. without causing customers to suffer

  3. The company uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 256 bit data encryption technology to provide the highest level of security in credit card payments directly to the Payment Gateway that meets world-class standards. Customers can be assured that no credit card information will be stored in the company's e-commerce system.
  4. The company will try to ensure that the selling price of the products is appropriate. Will not increase or decrease the price. to destroy the system of free competition The company will do its best to maintain price stability across all sales channels. To give customers confidence in every purchase.

  5. All product photos and text on this website It is the intellectual property of the company. If anyone wants to use product photos or messages for commercial use. Please request permission to the company in writing.

  6. The company requests permission to block buyers who exhibit inappropriate behavior, such as ordering products and frequently refusing to receive them. There is any action or statement that is false. As a result, the company received damage.

  7. The company places importance on fairness, such as providing services on a first-come, first-serve basis. and equality in every dimension, such as gender equality (LGBTQ+), religion, taste, and disadvantaged people in society. The company promotes acceptance of differences and living together equally and peacefully.